Solo Show:

- Beamish Burble at Maxilla Space; 


Group shows and Residencies:

- MA Fine Art Degree Show, Chelsea College;

- & anOther angle at Maxilla Space;
- In Deep at MAFA Gallery, London;
- Shape of Time at Landing Space, Chelsea College ;
- SAUK Show, The Old Brick Workshop, Wellington;
- Object d’Art at MAFA Gallery, London;
- MA Interim Show Part 2, Chelsea College;
-MA Interim Show Part 1, Chelsea College;
-“Engine ChatChat” Residency at Griffin Gallery London.
- MA End of Term Exhibition, Chelsea College.



- ArtSquat London at MAFA Gallery London;
- Path at Chelsea College
- If You Want it Fresh Buy it Frozen End of Year exhibition at Chelsea College;
- Big Fridge at the Safe Houses in Peckham;
- Seasons Exhibition, Spring at Maxilla Space;
- Grad Dip Interim Exhibition at the Cook House Chelsea College.



- Grad Dip End of Term Exhibition at Chelsea College;
- Re-Con-Figure at Maxilla Space;
- Memories of Switzerland at the Chateau de Penthes Museum, Geneva;
- Kensington and Fulham Open Art Spaces at Maxilla Space;
- Maxilla Exhibition at Maxilla Space.

 © Karen Tronel 2018