Karen Tronel explores the absurd, the uncanny and the humorous within everyday language, objects, beings, conventions, and behaviours by looking at them through a distorted or distanced angle. Is a brick wall just a barrier? A protection? The end of the road? Or is it, on closer inspection, a world in its own right, comprising a universe of microscopic creatures living on it, as a community with rules and rituals, or fighting territorial battles to conquer the space?

This shifted perception sometimes takes the form of strange/funny/grotesque creatures which simultaneously attract, intrigue and disturb by appearing familiar and yet illogical - they are endearing misfits comprising equal measures of ridicule and powerful defiance while hinting at an alternative space and time.

Her practice involves a wide range of processes spanning painting, sculpture, digital drawing and installation in a variety of mediums and materials (oil, acrylic, wood, bronze, resin and ceramic inter alia) with a strong emphasis on experimentation and often integrating an interactive element, offering the viewer the opportunity to engage.

Soliciting the imagination, and seeking out gaps within which to introduce unexpected voices, Tronel's work looks to create an experience with which to challenge, reflect on and question the everyday.

 © Karen Tronel 2018